by Albert Corbero

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From SIPS, we are pleased to present our first collection of prints and T-shirts in collaboration with a selection of talented artists. Our goal is to offer our customers a unique way to connect with our brand and carry a part of their experience at SIPS with them.

We understand the importance of creating meaningful connections with our customers and want them to remember their time with us in a special way. Collaborating with artists allows us to offer exclusive pieces that capture the essence of SIPS and the creativity of the artists involved.

This collection of prints and T-shirts will be released as limited editions, meaning that each piece will be unique and special. We want to provide SIPS fans and those who wish to remember their experience with the opportunity to own something truly special and memorable.

We are excited about this collaboration and hope that our customers find these pieces as inspiring as we do. Thank you for being part of the SIPS community and allowing us to be part of your special moments.


Albert Corberó, the talented creative behind Corberó Studio, is a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona. His current collection is part of a special collaboration between SIPS and Corberó, where he has been instrumental in developing the identity of the SIPS brand. As a graphic artist, he explores the simplicity of form, color, and composition in works that reflect timeless sophistication and unparalleled attention to detail