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Dare Collective presents this collaboration in conjunction with GLASS BAR. From the city of Madrid where the team of Derby Hotels Collections presents the new Glass Bar project, located in the Urban Hotel. The space that comes back to life and to their origins linked to the cocktail bar.

GLASS BAR is positioned in the capital not only as a cocktail bar in a luxury hotel, but as a new reference for mixology lovers invited to enjoy a menu designed and created by the SIPS team.

In DARE COLLECTIVE, we are excited to collaborate with brands like The Urban Hotel – from Derby Hotels Collections – that share philosophies that resonate with ours. Luxury hotels whose concept is WE LOVE ART, where their interiors are recognised by their unique art collections, turning into small museums of incalculable artistic and cultural value. In our tireless quest to collaborate with artists that also resonate with the concepts behind brands, we present the case of the artist behind the lens in charge of capturing the iconic drinks of GLASS BAR.

Colombian entrepreneur and photographer based in Madrid and proudly Latina. Works as a photographer and freelance for brands and hotels. Enthusiast and passionate about cocktails, photography and marketing. Fernanda with her 5 years experience as bar manager at Benares Restaurant – with Michelin star – located in Madrid. “I don’t empathise with conventionalism, I follow my dreams and work hard to accomplish my goals, with time to create and explore. I am happy with the decision to live the industry differently, creating photography content and focusing on the magic behind the bar

DARE COLLECTIVE MEETS THE ARTIST With great passion and interest we are committed to discover, present, promote and bring to each of you the talent of emerging and/or independent artists. One of our objectives is to provide companies, brands and projects with an innovative proposal to the conventional ways of communicating, being thus, a platform in which our community can showcase their work and establish new connections.

Generating new opportunities for artists, such as Fernanda Cardozo by creating connections from collaborations that allow us to make YOUR TALENT visible. We present a great collective of creatives and creators willing to produce high quality audiovisual content materialising your ideas by telling unique stories.


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