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This space was born with the intention of bringing art closer to people, allowing everyone to appreciate and enjoy the incredible diversity of talent that Colombia possesses. It is a step forward in democratizing art and design, providing a platform where artists can showcase their work and share information about their inspirations, techniques, and creative processes.


In this environment, artists can present their pieces and demonstrate how they can fit into and enhance different spaces. The overall idea behind this space is to attract people to the artworks while showing how they could complement and enrich their personal surroundings. What makes this approach special is that the pieces are not limited to a traditional gallery exhibition but are accessible to the general public. This way, the goal is to establish a stronger connection between artists and the audience, making art more accessible and commercially viable without compromising its artistic value. ONAMA focuses on fostering a culture of collecting art beyond mere monetization. They want people to see art as a source of inspiration and emotional connection.

At DARE, we resonate with the idea of collecting art to connect with creativity and find meaning in each artwork. For our second collaboration with ONAMA, DARE COLLECTIVE had the opportunity to curate the selection of artists who would be part of the opening and subsequent exhibition at this design and interior design winery. We provided the necessary advice to help ONAMA maximize the potential of its space to its fullest expression. Alongside Andrea Mallarino, founder, and CEO of this space, we curated a collective showcase that clearly reflects the focal points of contemporary artists in the region.

ONAMA is the first design winery in Bogotá that brings together nature, art, gastronomy, and decor. A dream created by a couple, where its founders seek to promote Colombian brands, artists, and ideas by combining these activities in one space. ONAMA contacted us to present this project, introducing their new space with the vision of turning it into a gallery. Dare Collective provided support by offering guidance to help find artists who could be part of this exhibition space. ONAMA’s objective aligns with DARE COLLECTIVE’s philosophy, which emphasizes giving visibility to talented artists, in this case, Colombian artists, and their creations in the world of design. To achieve this, ONAMA has created a unique and vibrant space, open to both entrepreneurs and artists seeking to connect and share in one place.

After carefully studying ONAMA’s clientele, we determined that this collective showcase should cover a multitude of techniques and themes, so as to encompass a wide spectrum of tastes from the winery’s collectors. However, we always sought to maintain a clear curatorial line revolving around the elements that constitute our everyday lives.
The selected artists include Carolina Borrero, Lucas Gallego, Jose Ricardo Contreras, César Grajales, Lina Oliveros, Gabriela Sacconi, and Catalina Mejia. All of these renowned Colombian artists push the boundaries of formal experimentation, employing various techniques that, no matter how traditional they may seem, showcase their artistic brilliance.


Carolina Borrero: A plastic artist and plant deconstructor.

Her research focuses on the coexistence between humans, the environment, and nature, reflecting on the transformations that occur. She explores how progress transforms both ourselves and our surroundings. Her work centers on transforming materials such as wood and plants into artworks, addressing social and environmental issues.

 Lina Oliveros: A Colombian artist and photographer with a background in dance.

Her work focuses on constructing spaces and characters that engage in dialogue. She uses drawings and annotations as a starting point, combining fantasy with reality in her pieces. She addresses themes such as walking, relationships, imaginaries, dreams, and death.

Lucas Gallego: An artist and urban architect.

He investigates anthropogenic manifestations that alter the territory’s identity. Through photographic projects, spatial interventions, installations, and paintings, he addresses socio-cultural issues resulting from human impact. His reflections revolve around human habitat, urban overpopulation, deforestation, and exploitation of natural resources.

Jose Ricardo Contreras: Painting and the relationship between space and cinema.

His study of the image involves photography, audiovisual production, installation, and artistic actions. He investigates the mechanisms of representing reality and the political implications of images. He also delves into landscapes and migration processes through archives and literature.

Catalina Mejia: An abstract painter and photographer.

Her career has centered on painting, though photography has been present in her creative process. Her interest lies in democratizing art, valuing photography as a way to make it more accessible. She experiments with various techniques and materials to create unique pieces.

César Grajales: A painter specialized in portraits.

He has been influenced by artistic movements such as expressionism and impressionism, as well as great painters like Francis Bacon and Francisco Goya. He uses a variety of media, including oils, pastels, and watercolors. He experiments with innovative techniques, such as combining photography and painting, to create original and colorful works.

Gabriela Sacconi: A textile artist.

Her process focuses on touch and the relationship between the body, material, and space. Her work explores collective memory and the ways we move and interact with the environment. She uses textile techniques like weaving and embroidery to represent choreographic movements between humans and animals.

These Colombian artists represent a wide range of artistic approaches and techniques, each with a unique style and significant contribution to the world of contemporary art. With this selection of artists proposed by the curatorial team at DARE COLLECTIVE, the space designated for the exhibition of artworks at ONAMA adorned its walls with works of the highest quality, recognized for their great impact on the contemporary art scene in Colombia.