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Artist Aaron Lopez arrives in Barcelona from Paris to present his new book and his new collaboration with DARE COLLECTIVE featuring his line of posters. Realities of Life, is a graphic novel that takes the reader on a journey through a series of humorous stories. He encourages the viewers to use their imagination to rewrite and rediscover the artwork with each turning of the page, no matter how many times they’ve read it.

Presenting his illustrations and graphic novel, “Realities of Life,” at Lulu & Flyn was an event focused on interaction, lines, and discovery. The artist aims to convey his passion for storytelling through his drawings, allowing the viewer to create their own narrative and interpretation of the artwork. “Having the event at Lulu & Flyn was special for me because of my musical connection to the space (having performed there with my band on multiple occasions) and also my connection with the creative community that I love so much and that is part of Lulu. Being able to share my illustrative artwork with the Barcelona community through Lulu fills me with joy.”


In a space that connects the artist and his new release in the best way possible, this event takes place in a space that not only brought back memorable moments for the artist, but also allows to display his work through its walls, his collection is part of the new exclusive line for DARE COLLECTIVE. From dance, music, fun, and art, the event was a success, thanks mainly to the collaboration of artists who were part of it: guest DJ Andrew Staffell, author cocktails by creator Aurora Almenar, the Lulu&Flyn community, and other people who are part of the artist guild or resonate with it.

In addition to showcasing Aaron’s book and exhibiting the posters from the new collection, painting activities were carried out, allowing people to connect with the illustrations, the space, and the other people who attended the event while enjoying author cocktails specially designed for the event, good music, and company.

In this space, there was a conglomerate of artists who resonated with the philosophy of DARE COLLECTIVE and, in this case, from the lead artist and his book launch and works. It fills our collective and DARE COLLECTIVE with enthusiasm to be able to hold events that generate dynamics from the community, sharing, making their works available to others, allowing them to showcase their talent, even better, if it is through events to connect with people who resonate with these ways of creating and perceiving art. We invite you to get to know his new book Realities of Life, enjoy and have fun with its stories, observe and acquire his new posters, and get to know more about the artist behind his creations.