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We introduce you to Ariela Kader from San Jose, Costa Rica: an “artivist” (artist + activist), educator, and curator currently based in Barcelona. Ariela is interested in “the power of art to connect people to the present moment, everything that around us and of which we are a part of”.

Kader shared with us that in her artistic career, one of the most significant and influential changes she has made was when she “exchanged the green for the grey”, moving from “one jungle to another” from San José (Costa Rica) to New York (USA). This allowed her to understand and value the different ways in which people relate to, consume and throw away.



For over a decade, Kader has used plastic to create her artworks, giving them meaning and interpreting the compositions as if they were social situations that allow her to illustrate the belief that “We are more of what we  THROW AWAY  than what we consume”.

It is interesting to see how Kader artistic career began with curiosity and interest in plastic bags as a material for Kader creations. Thus, Kader started collecting them with a purpose, that more than works of art, are transmitters of messages and reflections.


Plastic Portraits (2012)

The creation of collages of plastic bags collected from different cities, to frame a specific place and time. With the expectation that the viewer recognizes the plastic bags, he/she could guess the country and year in which the artwork was made… working with an “endangered” material that will allow future generations to see how these plastic bags were used in the past…



Kader projects come from everyday life… From an exploration and cleaning of the beach, this series of plastic waste transformed into works of art, allowing possible narratives to be shared about their origin, how they were used, and why they were discarded. With the purpose of promoting reflection and the reevaluation of our consumption habits to become more responsible and conscious consumers.


As an artist and educator, always with the goal of sharing a message or reflections through the works Kader creates and as a curator, finding the best way to organise the available information as works of art so that the message is transmitted to the public in the best possible way.

As a teacher, accompanying students in the creative process and personal discovery from their voices and styles. It is not just about teaching but also about learning from the students…


“It should be mandatory for everyone to either be a teacher or explore pedagogy in some way, for at least a few months in their lives. This is important not only because each person has something to teach others, but also because it helps individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and others through the process of teaching.”

“All the collaborative experiences I’ve had over the years are an essential part of who I am as an artist, A professional, and A person”

Although the way Ariela develops her creative work has changed and is not always the same, Kader has given significant value to collaborative work, from simple acts such as collecting garbage collectively to considering the collected material as a collaboration with the natural and urban environment, as it has been shaped by the elements until it reaches her hands.

“I can create individually and independently, but my work and the result are much richer and better when I collaborate and allow myself to be inspired not only by workshop participants but also by new environments, materials, moments, etc…”

Ariela is a multi-talented individual who works as an artist, educator, and curator. Through her art, Kader strives to convey messages and reflections, and Kader carefully organises available information into works of art to ensure that her message is conveyed in the best way possible to the public. As an educator, Kader guides her students through their creative process and encourages personal discovery, believing that exploring pedagogy is an obligation for everyone to teach and learn from themselves and others.

There is more to come from Ariela

Collaboration plays a vital role in Ariela’s creative process, as it enhances the quality of her work and results. Kader prefers to surround herself with passionate individuals who form a network of support and growth, rather than focusing solely on individual success. Her upcoming works will feature sculptural assemblages and limited edition photographs made from plastics collected during cleanups in Barcelona. You can follow her work on Instagram @arielakader, and through DARE COLLECTIVE, we aim to share her works and messages with the world.

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