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Miguel Boadas was the founder of Bar Boadas in 1933, becoming one of the first cocktail bars in Barcelona. For decades, it has been a place visited by both the local community and tourists looking to enjoy its drinks and unique atmosphere. Boadas played an important role in the cocktail scene in Barcelona and is credited with introducing classic techniques and recipes to the city.


Today, the legacy of Miguel Boadas and his bar endures, remaining a popular destination for cocktail lovers in Barcelona. Dare Collective had the privilege of encountering Boadas, a bar with a rich 90-year history.

Dare Collective focused on understanding the essence of Boadas from its beginnings, studying its history, and discovering its extensive photographic archive, which has been built over time. We digitized these images and created strategies that allow us to tell the story of the bar through memories and recollections.

The new strategy developed by Dare Collective focuses on showcasing the bar by capturing current moments that reflect its adaptation to the new vision of the cocktail world. This has been achieved through the collaboration between the experienced and wise bartender Jerónimo Vaquero,Simone Caporale y Marc Álvarez.

La nueva estrategia desarrollada por Dare Collective se centra en mostrar el bar capturando momentos actuales que reflejen su adaptación a la nueva visión del mundo de la coctelería. Esto se ha logrado gracias a la colaboración entre el experimentado y sabio barman Jerónimo Vaquero, Simone Caporale y Marc Álvarez.

Dare Collective has brought a new approach by seeking talent in artists who are part of the collective or new to the scene, who, through their work and different perspectives, help materialize concepts, stories, and visions through photography.

This is how Augusta, a talented American artist based in Paris, traveled to Barcelona to collaborate with Boadas. Bringing her unique artistic vision, Augusta worked on the task of capturing new photographs of Bar Boadas in the present year 2023. She focused on the details of the space, portrayed the staff working in the bar, and captured bartenders interacting with the space and with each other, as well as preparing and serving drinks at the bar. Augusta excels in her ability to capture portraits and her photographic editing technique, which adapts to the look and atmosphere of the bar, reflecting concepts such as nostalgia, freezing time, and memory. Through the captured scenes, Augusta managed to convey situations from the past in the present, showing what Bar Boadas is today, a place that continues to build its history to be remembered in the future. 

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