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We introduce you to Chini Bolsón. Chini is an artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For him, photography was never a stranger, in fact, he grew up with it at home and expanded when he gets to know the outside world that surrounds him and the others. This is how Chini presents himself as an artist passionate about street photography, his interest in people from his profession is reflected through photography. His fascination of observing daily dynamics occurring in the streets throughout his lens and transforming people into protagonists in his creations.

Get to know Chini’s latest limited collection for DARE COLLECTIVE.


Champions of the World by Chini Bolsón

The photographs captured from The World Cup, being one of the biggest sport events that brings together people from all around the world. According to Chini this event has in fact been so successful in bringing people together, that some people even call it “the biggest festival in the world”.


The story behind the photos…”They show that even though Argentina has gone through many events in recent times – including a financial crisis and political turmoil – people are still happy, celebrating their passion for soccer. The joy on their faces shows how grateful they are for the opportunities that have come along with those challenges.”


We are excited to present you this collection. Showing a different vision through art, since the pieces that compose it were taken from what we can catalogue nowadays as an historical event for the Argentinian community. On the other hand, these were captured in a very spontaneous way as life itself, highlighting the personal touch of the artist that we are presenting. We invite you to connect through Chini Bolsón’s photography with this iconic occasion that took place in Argentina, from his point of view, through his lens and from the different stories told in them. We invite you to get to know the collection CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD by Chini Bolsón, and we hope you resonate with some or all of these pieces…

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