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Six artists dared to join us in creating this collective that we now call DARE COLLECTIVE…

We remember how it all started in 2020, with our admiration for them…

From the fascination of witnessing their talent through a screen, we had the dream of working together to take the step that would allow us to showcase their artworks, initially creating a WORLDWIDE WALL… They trusted us when our only proposal was to believe in and support the talented artists with incredible works, wishing to share them with the world and provide greater visibility.



We remember Genia as an artist who didn’t hesitate for a second to join this collective. When we proposed to share her photographic work, capturing moments from her travels, she immediately accepted. She was one of the first artists in Barcelona to join DARE COLLECTIVE, which meant a lot to us as the project was originally established in this city that we hold dear. Her enthusiasm in sharing her perspective as an artist and supporting this collective through her personal project LULU&FLYN, welcoming artists and individuals who resonate with the philosophy of art, photography, and showcasing talent, continues to spread and embrace projects and artists from the collective…




We were thrilled to have artists from Colombia, a country that resonates with one of our founders. Sophia, an artist with great potential and talent that we knew from the start had to be part of this collective. Her way of interpreting photographs as storytelling captivated us, making it essential for her to join. Sharing with you the different moments she captures through her lens, from the ephemeral to offering photographs that become part of your spaces.


2020 Vietnam


It is also important to highlight the origin of this artist, born and based in Vic, a city in Catalonia that also resonates with one of our founders. Keeping close to our origins through artists will always be important… Laura captivated us with her desire to communicate her narratives to people through visual content in photography. We loved her work done in Vietnam, where she shares a narrative based on the practice of fishing in the village of Mui Ne, located in northern Vietnam. An artist who enjoys travelling, capturing the world and life, and above all, reaching people through her artwork.



How could we forget the first artist who contacted us? Accustomed to seeking talent, it was exciting to have an artist find us. Nicolas, a photographer with whom we established a strong connection, shared our energy and ambition to grow and give visibility to his work. We feel fortunate to connect with artists in such an organic and simple yet inspiring and collaborative way. Nicolas’s work with analog cameras allows him to capture lifestyles and places that evoke nostalgia, focusing on the essence and soul of each subject. His inclusion in our collective expands our portfolio of artworks. Establishing these kinds of connections with artists is what drives us to grow and visualise our collaborative work.



In our search for local talent, Lluís found us, an artist who left us speechless with his photographs of India and his personal aesthetic through digital content. He not only takes portraits of people but also takes an interest in getting to know the story behind each person he photographs, establishing a genuine connection. Lluís stands out for his love of taking photographs with his grandfather’s camera and his interest in exploring the world under the guise of capturing images and getting lost along the way. His perspective and style fit perfectly in this community of artists characterized by their creative diversity, especially through analog photography.




Tomas presented us with a new perspective on photography. His focus on collage-based manipulated artworks excited us, as we were looking for artists who explored different forms of art. He stood out for his imagination and skills in analog and digital photography. With artists like Tomás, we began to explore other possibilities beyond selling printed photographs. We saw how DARE COLLECTIVE could engage in promoting talent through collaborations with clients. His uniquely intervened landscapes and people are a perfect addition to the portfolio of works we offer. We value artists like him who not only support the project but also propose and collaborate, creating friendships that transcend beyond the professional realm. That’s what this collective represents.


The founders of DARE COLLECTIVE have created a unique and diverse artistic collective that seeks to promote and showcase the talent of artists from different parts of the world. From the beginning, their goal has been to bring visibility to incredible artworks and share unique perspectives through photography and visual art. Each of the six founders brings their own vision and style to the collective. From Evgenia, a talented Russian photographer based in Barcelona, to Sophia, a Colombian artist based in Tel Aviv, and Laura, a Spanish artist who finds inspiration in the landscapes and people of Vietnam. They also include Lluís, a Spanish photographer passionate about capturing stories and connecting with people, Tomas, a Colombian artist who focuses on collage and image manipulation, and Nicolas, a French photographer based in Switzerland who captures the essence of places and lifestyles.

These founders have been the foundation of DARE COLLECTIVE and are committed to growing this collective with new artists and collaborators who bring new personalities and perspectives. Their goal is to continue sharing stories through artworks and brightening the lives of people and the spaces where they are exhibited. Through their collaborative approach and passion for art, DARE COLLECTIVE is constantly evolving and looks forward to impacting a global audience with their talent.

In a world where everything moves so fast, we hope you can read us slowly. With love, DARE COLLECTIVE.