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The Artist

She is a Colombian artist who defines herself as an abstract painter, but at Dare Collective, we know her art goes far beyond that. Her career was initially focused on painting but delved into the world of photography under the influence of her father. Black and white analog photography became an integral part of her creative process. For Catalina, photography takes on special significance when she is driven to democratise art and make it accessible to all types of collectors.

“Painting, in general, tends to be limited and less accessible to individuals since it cannot be replicated, and that’s what I like about photography; it’s much more accessible because you can make many copies,” she tells us.

This is how Catalina Mejia’s perspective aligns with this collective. She is another artist who dares to break through the barriers of tradition. Dare Collective has a special connection with her, as she was one of the first recognized artists to trust this collective and offer a warm space to share her life and projects. We are excited to share these experiences with our community and, above all, introduce you to great artists through their projects, careers, stories, and perspectives.

Catalina Mejia

Catalina Mejia, born in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, began her artistic career during her academic formation, participating in exhibitions and receiving awards throughout her life. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the Andes in Bogotá, continued her education in New York, where she was nominated for a painting scholarship at Hunter College. Furthermore, she earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in painting at Hunter College and completed an internship at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, among other achievements.

After completing her studies, Catalina returned to Colombia to pursue her career as an artist and participate in various international exhibitions. Additionally, she ventured into teaching at the University of the Andes, teaching subjects such as Drawing, Painting, and Art. Different techniques, no matter how traditional they may seem, demonstrate their artistic genius

Catalina was one of the first recognized artists who gave us the opportunity to learn about her life and project. She was open to new institutions and approaches in the art world. In her search for new ways to share her project, she joined Dare Collective with the idea of taking art to a more democratic and open medium. For her, art is for everyone and should be accessible, not exclusive. The opportunity to learn new stories, perspectives, and insights that Catalina provided by opening the doors of her home and showing us her studio allowed us to understand how her ideas arise from her experiences.


A project conceived by Catalina Mejia, in which she departs somewhat from painting to focus on photography. This, “LOS OTROS” is born, a project that we are proud to present from DARE COLLECTIVE. The artist brought this project to life based on her deep admiration for her students during her teaching experience.

“I was very intrigued by the language conveyed by the clothing and hair of my students. I was particularly attracted to the back, as the back reflects identity in all its facets,” the artist shares.

Each photograph is captured from the same perspective to convey a common idea, but each one incorporates a distinctive element that reflects the richness of each individual’s personality.
We are excited for everyone to get to know Catalina Mejia better through the viewing of the photographs that are part of this collection. We hope that each of these images resonates with the personalities of those who view and interpret them.
This exhibition, presented at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, stands out for its introspective and almost autobiographical focus, according to the artist herself. Through drawing, painting, and installation, this work immerses us in the emotions and oscillations of the heart, sharing elements with the public that speak of deep feelings.
Love is the central theme of Mejia’s work, exploring frustrated, impossible, desired, and lost loves. Her drawings and paintings present crossed-out or nearly erased words, as if love were a constant process of restarting. The word becomes the visual and conceptual element of the work. In “Heart Disasters,” the word emerges and disappears repeatedly, reflecting the ephemeral nature of love. The exhibition invites a close look at what remains of this feeling, exploring the tragedy of the remnants and fragments of what was once solid in the human experience.

“This is a very autobiographical work; there is something happening. I am interested in recording, traces of things, that calligraphic part that is a trace and a record at the same time.”

We invite you to get to know more about Catalina, another artist who is part of this collective
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